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Jesus Christ Superstar

Josh Webb's set...combined with Gordon Olson's dramatically dim lighting design evoked a decadent nightclub with vaguely Roman overtones..." - Creative Loafing, Charlotte, NC

Madame Butterfly

"The design showpiece of this production was Gordon W. Olson's lighting.  Silky tones ranging from fiery to soft acted as an emotional bandwidth for the undulations of the story." - Robert Carreras - Opera News Online

"...and Olson's exquisitely conceived lighting created stage pictures of spellbinding beauty." - Lawrence Budmen - Writer & Music Consultant

"...striking design of a Japanese home, enhanced by Olson's beautifiul lighting with deep reds and blues." - Lawrence A. Johnson - Miami Herald

"...amid many impressive production values, Olson's elaborate, dramatic design was particularly effective." -

Lucia di Lammermoor

"Gordon W. Olson once again paints beautiful, atmospheric pictures with his lighting design..." - Bill Hirschman - Miami Sun-Sentinel

"Barbe's costumes were high-end-catalog handsome, and Gordon W. Olson's lighting had a late afternoon moodiness that helped foreshadow the lamentable events on stage." - Greg Stepanich - Palm Beach Arts Paper

Pagliacci / Suor Angelica

"...the lights were masterfully handled by Gordon W. Olson." - Ariel Ramos - Diario las Américas

"As ever, Gordon W. Olson's lighting advanced the efforts of both productions." - Robert Carreras - Opera News Online

Review for La Cenerentola

"...just the right storybook magic, skillfully lit by Gordon W. Olson - Lawrence A. Johnson - Miami Herald

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